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hello everybody..
my name is chetan.. iam from india. i bought a silver arowana 3 months back.. and the present size is 7" long.. and the fish is jumping a long when i go near to it and or some times it keeps jumping and iam worried that i would get hurt coz i have a aquarium size 2 feet long and 1 feet width. and please some body can me tell me what kind of lights shall i use.. and and i have kept the tank in a living hall and it can see the people passing from the living room do i need to cover the tank with dark stickers so that i can see it and arowana can't see people passing. does it works good.. and about feeding i feed feeding golds. and dry bread worms. once i put cockroach it ate but it was not breeded one i got it from my home. haha is it healthy for it.. and one thing my arowana yawns 8 times a day.. is it good .. please tell me what temperature should i keep right now its 28degree.. and please guide me how to keep arowana healthy and good ..

thank you all

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